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House Blend


Soda Jamu


Jamu Special Regular

Jamu Special Seasonal

Wellness Blend

House Blend

Suwe Ora Jamu produces Jamu House Blend since early 2014 based on our family recipes. Our Jamu House Blends produced naturally, handmade using selective fresh & dried ingredient (herbs & spices) which are locally grown & picked from Indonesia Archipelago. We develop and launch new jamu blends periodically, after passing laboratory test & certification.

Asem Jawa

Asem Jawa is loaded with natural antioxidants, vitamin C, and gut-friendly fiber. This drink is your go-to for a healthy body, beating belly bloat, and a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day. It's a triple win for your well-being!

This is product item benefits:

Nourishing beautiful skin

Natural antioxidant

Boosting immune system

Product Ingredients:




Coconut Sugar

Our Favourite
Kunyit Asem

House Blend

Sereh Telang

Soda Jamu


House Blend


Jamu Special Regular

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