Jamu Tisane is Available in France

Yes, our jamu tisane is now available in France!

Jamu tisane is jamu made of dried herbs from 8 parts of plants (roots, stalk, seed, fruit, flower, leaves, rhizome, and peel). To enjoy jamu tisane, you just need to brew the dried herbs in hot water, just like making tea.

Suwe Ora Jamu has 8 variants of jamu tisane, each with its own health benefits.

Now, we are delighted to inform you that Suwe Ora Jamu's jamu tisane is also available in France. Just visit www.purabali.com and order our jamu tisane! You can also contact info@purabali.com for further info. Hope you enjoy our jamu tisane.


Les Jamu Tisanes sont disponibles en France 🌱🌿☘🍹🇮🇩🇫🇷 Appelez Franck : +33 6 71 77 77 80 ou commandez sur : info@purabali.com (code promo : Jamu2019 -10% discount )

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